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Friday, September 14, 2012

I AM AWESOME!! (no doubt)

Hello everyone!!! Today's post is about how Desstrea says her blog is better than mine. She also says she is awesomer than me... (I will just go ahead and say what we are all thinking.) I think not. Here are some pics about me being awesomest.


As you all know I am actually certified (unlike Desstrea).

This is my argument for the debate with Desstrea about who is awesomer.

This is what Desstrea should do about it.

This is a Thank You toward all the people taking my side in this debate.

This is a promise I will make and always be loyal to.

Leave A Comment That Either Says Desstrea or Sky.
The One With The Most Comments Of Their Name Will Be Title Awesomest!!

Thanks For Everything,
- Sky